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David Skudder and his wife Beth have traveled the globe extensively, embracing the exhilaration of discovering and exploring new destinations and cultures. It came to David’s attention that he took travel for granted after pressing the pause button during the Covid pandemic. Thankfully, the world is now coming out of the pandemic and he is anxious to get back on the move again.  

David Skudder and his wife Beth are fervent travelers and they have been fortunate enough to experience many of the interesting places this world has to offer. David believes that travel broadens your horizons, and provides great stories and some of the most cherished memories.  Family travel with their children and their spouses is particularly meaningful.  Making and sharing memories with his grown children gives him great joy and provides David and Beth with the one-on-one time that is difficult to come by in their daily busy lives. 

David and his wife have traversed the globe and have marveled at the diversity that they have encountered.  David is often asked, where is a good place to go for our first overseas trip?  For those making their first journey,  David always suggests western Europe as a great first-time destination.  There are gobs of history to absorb and the diversity in cultures, customs and food can be profound.  English is pervasive and communication throughout western Europe is quite easy. Travel between countries in the European Union is a breeze, the currency is singular (the Euro), and crossing the border from one country to another is seamless.  Airline or train travel within the European Union is not difficult, however, he would encourage everyone to take a train at least once and highly recommends taking the Chunnel train which links southern England to northern France via the English Channel.  Western Europe possesses almost all the creature comforts Americans are accustomed to, so it is a fairly easy trip for a first-time overseas traveler.  

Travel to more remote, less developed areas in the world requires a lot more planning and effort, however, the payoff is well worth it.  These untouched areas of the world are quickly disappearing for various reasons, usually none of them good.  Places like Africa, the middle east, and South America are places for such an adventure.  There is simply nothing like witnessing a herd of 30 giraffes crossing the Serengeti plain or watching a pride of lions on a fresh lion kill from 50 feet away.  Riding a camel in Jordan is quite the adventure and hiking around Machu Picchu in Peru was simply break-taking, literally.  Some encounters will also leave you speechless.  Once, while traveling in a remote region in Africa a man explained to David that the thunder in the sky was the dragon expressing his displeasure.  Surrounded by breathtaking beauty, and untouched landscapes, the modern world has yet to intrude on some of these places. 

Guided trips are highly recommended, just wondering about on your own can oftentimes land you in non-advantageous situations, local guides keep you from making bad mistakes.   

The most memorable travel moment that David will never forget is a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti plain in Tanzania.  He recalls watching the sun peek out over the horizon where it felt like he could literally see forever. It was simply breathtaking. As he looked down and around, he noticed a lone hyena running in search of something.  Perhaps he was on the trail of his next meal or perhaps in search of his other clan members, David will surely never know the hyena’s quest, but will never forget his determination, he was still running when he finally lost sight of him.  

David and his family are always planning their next adventure. To read more, explore David Skudder’s other websites at and, and

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