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As one of the most touristy places in the United States, Nashville has built a reputation for itself as a country music destination that attracts bachelor parties, music lovers, and southern city dwellers. Because of the mass amount of tourism it brings in, some areas of the city have become more crowded than others. Nashville’s Broadway, for example, is full of bars and restaurants catering to tourists specifically.

While these touristy activities are a huge part of Nashville’s allure, there are plenty of other off-the-beaten-path sights and attractions that locals like to draw attention to. If you find yourself in the Music City, consider adding some of these activities to your itinerary.

Explore Nashville’s ‘Wine Country’

Although it is located roughly 35 minutes outside of downtown Nashville, Arrington Vineyards is a worthwhile destination while visiting Music City. Although much of your trip may involve drinking, taking an escape to this more relaxed scene will allow you to see more of Tennessee’s beautiful countryside while indulging in samples of wine with your traveling companions. This fun atmosphere makes for an enjoyable afternoon outside of the main city.

Take a Free Line Dancing Class

While there are plenty of dancing opportunities to be found throughout Music City, many individuals do not realize that they can take advantage of a free line dancing class. Wildhorse Saloon is a three-story restaurant, music venue, and bar with the largest dance floor in the city. On Wednesday through Saturday, visitors can approach the dance floor with a can-do attitude, ready to learn the celebrated art of line dancing. These moves will get you far in Nashville, as the locals know this dance style from the heart. Hop on in, ready to learn, no matter what your experience level is.

Go Horse Riding

Experiencing Nashville’s country charm would not be complete without exiting the city in search of a ranch. At Juro Stables, you can experience an introduction to the ranch life, coming in contact with a variety of horses held at these stables. Receive a quick lesson in horse riding before being led down various paths, feeling like a true Tennessee local. Return to the city center with a new sense of dignity in the evening, feeling more empowered to celebrate the city through song and dance now that you have indulged in one of the locals’ favorite pastimes.